Ferryhills Garage / Workshop, Fife


An existing garage was replaced with a new steel-framed garage / workshop, located in the corner of the grounds of a prominent Listed building. The new building was designed with two separate and distinctive elevations and the roof was covered with a sedum blanket.

The main garage elevation faces the entrance courtyard and was designed with a large single up-&-over door clad in matching aluminium panels to provide a uniform facade to the courtyard elevation.

On the return elevation, Scottish Larch was used to clad the wall and side entrance door fence, intended to provide a softer elevation to the garden. The timber extends beyond the garage to form a fence in order to provide privacy to the garden and a wind-break to the entrance. A window above the workbench is positioned to allow views across the garden and east along the Forth estuary towards Edinburgh.

Photographs © Icosis