Uniter Building, Fife


A Uniter building is a reinforced concrete structure with blank external appearance, built to facilitate the RAF communications network.

This structure – located to the north of Dunfermline – was sold by the MOD in 2007.  We were asked to obtain Planning Permission to convert it to a 6-bedroom family house in 2008, whilst maintaining the essentially utilitarian characteristics of the building’s appearance.

As part of the design, the deep reinforced concrete walls are to have slots cut into them to allow for the insertion of new windows, some of which will be done to tie in with the 45deg. raised chevron pattern on the external facades. Similarly, the reinforced concrete roof is to have elements of flat glazing introduced to allow light to enter the depth of the 24x23m building.  The high level ventilation grilles and roof covering are to be removed and a new, zinc-clad highly glazed element installed to accommodate upper floor living areas with access onto a roof terrace.