East Brackley Viewpoint, Loch Leven


This viewpoint structure near the RSPB Reserve at Vane Farm is part of the final phase of works to complete the 13 mile Heritage Trail around Loch Leven.  We designed the structure and helped build it, although all the hard work was done by Gareth McRae / Caledonia Log Homes (timber structure) and Copestone (drystone wall).

The path was partly cut into the hillside and earth banked up against the drystone wall to provide shelter from the prevailing wind. The wall was built around a steel frame which supports the splayed Douglas Fir roof timbers.  The screen uses hit & miss Scottish Larch, similar to the nearby “Bird hide”, providing a wind break. Dark stained inside:outside benches form the two entrances, and a central bench (with other stone benches installed by David Wilson) provide resting places for people to pause on the trail and appreciate the views north across Loch Leven.