Amenity Housing, Elgin


Amenity housing in Elgin for Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association comprising 18 flats and 3 accessible cottages.

The higher density flatted dwellings on three floors provide a ‘bookend’ to the northern extent of a residential zone. A run of cottages to the south address the street and tie into the residential scale of the existing dwelling on the opposite side of the road.   At the heart of the development is a communal garden. The development is taller to the north and lower to the south minimising overshadowing of the communal garden.

Vehicle access has been restricted to the North and South boundary utilising existing vehicular access allowing the main body of the site to remain car free. It’s connectivity to the locale stems from the retention of a variety of existing pedestrian routes in and around the site.

A rational layout minimises the built footprint and maximises the (permeable) landscaped areas, whilst achieving the best orientation for all the dwellings in terms of passive solar gain. Maximising solar gain serves to reduce the energy load of the development relating to heating and lighting.